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Upland Mt. Baldy Family Dinner

posted by admin
March 19, 2022
Brethren, Friends, Family and appendant bodies,

I wanted to send out a friendly reminder that Upland-Mt.Baldy Masonic lodge will be having its very First Family Dinner of the year. I'm very excited and am looking forward to seeing everyone to once gather together to break bread and visit one another. This is taking place this Saturday March 19th, 2022 with dinner being served from 5:00 pm through 7:00 pm, fun, games and fellowship to follow, so feel free to trickle on in at your convenience. We will be serving gourmet burgers with sides and desert. We will also have Beyond burgers for those that would like a vegan friendly option. $10.00 for folks 13 and up, $5.00 for kids 5 to 12 and kids under 5 eat free. All proceeds from this dinner will be going to our Widows Program. Remember, your family and all of our Masonic appendant bodies have a standing invitation, so please spread the word and don't forget to bring the kids or grandkids. If this is something you'd like to attend but feel you can't make the donation, please reach out to me via my cell phone listed in the signature below, I will make sure you're taken care of as with UMB lodge, Nobody gets turned away.

Looking forward to seeing you,

Worshipful Rudy Zuniga

Upland-Mt.Baldy Lodge No. 419

(909) 244-8910

Los Angeles Masonic Service Bureau's Breakfast

posted by admin
June 22, 2021


posted by admin
March 5, 2019

Masonry is rooted in antiquity, ripened by modernity and harvested in eternity. Truly it is a growing and progressive science, ever unfolding new beauties as the men of every generation have explored its most
concealed recesses. Someone has aptly said: "The practical object of Masonry is the physical and moral amelioration and the intellectual and spiritual improvement of individuals and society. Masonry labors to improve the social order by enlightening men's minds." It is to our duty as Masons to improve the social order that I would direct your thinking today under the subject of the Third Step.
The Three Steps in a Masonic career expressed in the terms of our beautiful ritual are, initiation, passing and raising but I choose to denominate them Revelation, Education and Operation. These are the three progressive steps of a well-rounded Masonic career. Some Masons stop at the first step, initiation, when the meaning of our mysteries is revealed to them. Others take the second step – Education – by becoming proficient and learned in the art of Masonry and then stop. They fail to put into practical, daily living the lessons we teach. Important as these two steps are–and they must be taken before one is ready for the third step–it is the Third Step, Operation, that marks a man a Mason–what you do, how you live, what you stand for. Revelation, Education, Operation–these three–but the greatest of these is operation.
In our proceedings we frequently hear the phrase "We no longer work in operative Masonry." I wonder! Some assume that the only "Operative" Masons are those who build visible structures with stone and brick and steel, and concrete. Such, however, you know is not the case.
All of the symbolic ritual of our initiation and all of our learning, are as naught, however, if we do not take that third step in Masonry– Operation–whereby we put into practice those great truths, texts and principles which have been laid down as the rule and guide of our faith.
Excerpts from the Grand Oration of William B. McKesson, Grand Orator, California, 1947

Called From Labor

posted by admin
February 5, 2019

Wor. Bardens Service

Brethren & Friends:
Wor. Bob Barden's service will be held at Temescal Palms Masonic Lodge next Thursday February 7th at 11:00am. There will be a lunch following.


Walter E. McCurry P.M.

Brother Harry Tanzer Called From Labor

posted by admin
October 7, 2018

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