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Masonic Life Network

Masonic Life Network, dedicated to raising funds for Masonic Activities

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Our latest grand master video has been released. Click the image below to view it on YouTube.

In addition please check out the Cornerstone tutorial video we have made:

Now with chapter bookmarks!

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Who we are?

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January 30, 2012

Mission Statement

The Masonic Life Initiative (MLI) was born from the need to communicate with, motivate, and educate the Brethren of our Fraternity. John F. Kennedy stated, “Every person can make a difference and they should try.” MLI recognizes that innovative thinking, communication expertise, and “out-of-the-box” ideas are necessary to promote growth and relevance for our esteemed Fraternity. Although our Ritual is untouchable, technology and social media have changed the landscape of Masonry: how we interact with our Brethren around the world; promote our Lodges and Jurisdictions; research the Craft; and communicate among ourselves. The Masonic Life Initiative is a committee of Brothers with diverse skill sets which, collectively, lead to creative, relevant programs and presentations for individuals, Lodges and Jurisdictions. We provide the medium and direction for 21st century adaptation through multimedia presentations, all of which can be found on

This is not a Grand Lodge affiliated website. This is privately run by members who live in Division 8 and just want to help Freemasonry in the digital age.

Our committee is comprised of  members from various lodges in the Inland Empire area…


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It is a private site dedicated to helping the Freemasonry community and the communities within Division 8.